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Do you have the skills to help those within our community and want to help? Then don’t hesitate and apply to join our team of exceptional volunteer Lawyers and Accountants.

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Join to make a difference!


With your experience in solving disputes through critical and humanistic thinking, your talent will be much appreciated by those in need. Lawyers of all experience levels and skill sets are needed!


The ability to see the truth behind numbers allows you to connect to the art world. Your help will make a drastic improvement to our community’s financial literacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO WAY!!  Many artists have general business issues just like any other small organization or start up company.  Lawyers with backgrounds in business organizations, real estate, personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, litigation, intellectual property, and employment can help.  Accountants who specialize in all kinds of fields, including non- profits, employee benefits, small businesses, and family owned- businesses can help.

NO.  When an artist or arts organization seeks assistance, the KCVLAA will contact volunteers who have indicated expertise in the area in which the artist has sought assistance (i.e., real estate).  If the KCVLAA calls you, and your schedule does not allow you to take the case at that time, or accepting the case would create a conflict, you can decline to accept it, and the KCVLAA may contact you in the future to assist with another case.  If you decline, we may ask you if you know someone else with your same specialty area who might be willing to help, to the extent we cannot find an appropriate volunteer from our ranks.

NO.  When you sign up to volunteer, you may elect to have your name included on a list of professionals to be given to artists and arts organizations who need assistance, but whose incomes exceed our thresholds.  These are clients who have the ability to pay, so we would be referring you billable business.  If you would like to receive such referrals, then you must pay an annual  fee of $25, which helps cover the cost of our professional liability insurance.  If you would like to become a member, and be entitled to attend the KCVLAA’s educational programs for free (excluding those offered for CLE or CPE credit), you must pay an annual membership fee, and you may then elect to have your name included in the list of professionals who want to receive fee-generating referrals at no additional cost.  The annual membership fee depends upon your level of professional experience; Legal/Accounting Professional Membership Level I for 1 – 5 years experience is $75, Legal/Accounting Professional Membership Level II with 5 years or more of experience is $100.

If your volunteer duties include providing legal or accounting advice to an artist or arts organization, then yes, we require volunteers to carry malpractice insurance. If you are not insured, but would like to volunteer in other ways, such as by teaching seminars, writing articles, or assisting with marketing/promotion, then you do not need to carry malpractice insurance.